The Flat: Writing Much?

I’m a bit late to posting my weekly NFL power rankings, anything for that matter on my website, because I’ve been writing extensively about “Star Wars Rebels” for “The GWW.” I have two posts over on their site from this week that I’d greatly appreciate you taking the time to reading:

One more note before this week’s power rankings. Each week to couple with the list, I’ll embed a YouTube video that talks about something, anything regarding the NFL that is of interest to me. In my last post, I shared one of Rich Eisen, host of “The Rich Eisen Show,” and Eric Davis, former NFL cornerback. And again I’ll be passing along another Eisen, Davis video, but this time former NFL linebacker, Willie McGinest, joins them for part of the interview. I’d eventually like for you the reader to share a video with me to include.

Challenge Flag

(Editor’s Note: A new addition to my weekly rankings is what I’m calling “Challenge Flag.” Anything that has to do with football in media (interviews, podcasts, articles, etc.) that is thought provoking in anyway, I’ll share it.)

Power Rankings

  1. Steelers
  2. Packers
  3. Bengals
  4. Cardinals
  5. Raiders

Steelers moved up from No. 4, Packers remained the same, Bengals replaced the Panthers, Cardinals dropped down from No. 1, Raiders stay put.

Which teams are in your top five power rankings for week two in the NFL?