The Flat: Quarter-season awards

To say it’s been a while since I’ve written is an understatement, and it bugs me. It bothers me so much because, if you know me, writing isn’t just a hobby; it’s a passion and one of the things I absolutely love in my life.

I’d had a pretty consistent schedule for posting much more frequently with this weekly NFL column and my personal posts, or so I thought. Now with my new job, a subject I’ll talk more about in my next blog, time has been harder to manage because, well, I’m frankly tired when I finally make it home. That’s on me however, so I’ve already started to rethink how to not find time to write but rather to make it.

I originally planned to make up for my “writing hiatus” by simply writing two separate column posts to reach the missed weeks quota. Instead why not one that covers it all? So what you can expect as you read are the usual challenge flags but it comes to power rankings I’ve included the two weeks I didn’t cover and this week’s.

As for what the sport topic I’ll be writing about it’s some extra football talk, as the title suggests: quarter-season awards. It’ll breakdown as follows: offensive rookie of the year, coach of the year and most valuable player. The major categories excluded are comeback player of the year, defensive rookie of the year and offensive player of the year.

The reason why I’m not going to handout awards for those three latter ones is because, honestly, I’m still very much new to football talk. And if I were to pose myself as someone who knew almost every single player in the league, I shouldn’t have studied to be a journalist.

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Dak Prescott, QB, Cowboys

Coach of the Year: Mike Zimmer, Vikings

Most Valuable Player*: Matt Ryan, QB, Falcons

(*My first choice at the start of the season was the Packers’s QB Aaron Rodgers.)


“The Pain of J.J. Watt” 

“Larry Fitzgerald forges a lasting legacy as his clock winds down”


Week 4

  1. Steelers
  2. Broncos
  3. Vikings
  4. Seahawks
  5. Eagles

Week 5

  1. Vikings
  2. Steelers
  3. Broncos
  4. Falcons
  5. Raiders

Week 6

  1. Vikings
  2. Steelers
  3. Patriots
  4. Falcons
  5. Raiders