The Flat: New info on Giants kicker Josh Brown surfaces

After serving a one-game suspension to start the 2016 NFL season for domestic violence, Giants kicker Josh Brown looks like he’s headed toward more games to sit out this year or even being left without a job completely. Either or would be a just punishment, although he should’ve been given a much harsher penalty the first time around. Call me a jaded Patriots fan, but why does Tom Brady serve four games for allegedly being involved in the deflation of footballs while Brown receives one for physically harming his wife?

The NFL has already walked a fine line in how it comes down with a verdict in situations such as these. Need I remind you of Spygate and Ray Rice? For whatever reason, it punishes one athlete or organization differently every time. It’s worth listening to the Saints’s QB, Drew Brees, who eloquently puts the league in its place on this very subject in a podcast interview with the MMQB’s Peter King, which I embedded below in my weekly suggestions. Why is that? If you do wrong, you should be punished accordingly.

In the case of domestic violence, I have no respect for anyone who dares raise a hand at someone they supposedly care about. These kinds of people have no decency for themselves, obviously, or others. For Brown to do so toward his wife is disgusting. A man has much more brute strength than a woman and has the ability to cause some serious, potentially life-threatening, damage. Gender aside, however, you’re an absolute low-life to ever, ever raise any sort of danger on another person.

Brown deserves whatever he has coming his way. Want to call it karma or that the big guy upstairs — God — is watching. Regardless of what you believe in, we have to agree that what Brown did is absolutely reprehensible. I don’t like wishing ill-will on anyone, but he needs to be punished the right way this time around.

NFL, if you’re reading this, which you’re probably not, work with the NFLPA to seriously nail-down how you’re going to address these kinds of incidents because unfortunately it won’t be the last time. As for you, Giants, release Brown. Players are replaceable for a reason, especially if they under perform. Here, he’s tarnishing your brand as a respected organization league-wide.


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Another podcast that I suggest listening to is MMQB’s Albert Breer interview with Bills’s Richie Incognito. Look up his show on wherever you listen to these casts.


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