The Flat: Cowboys are team to beat, not the best

Here’s how the NFL playoffs are shaking up as we watch Week 14:

As the NFL enters the final quarter of the season… 19 teams are either in or within 1 game of a playoff spot.

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Let’s take the No. 1 seeds first. The Cowboys, as I wrote in my title, are the team to beat in the league, but not the best. They’re certainly a very good, even a great, team, but when it comes playoff time there’s going to be a team that pushes up against how they play: chew the clock with smart, efficient, big runs with Ezekiel Elliot and downfield throws with Dak Prescott. As for the Patriots, they’re well-coached and QB’d, but their defense is shaky.

The No. 2s are the best teams from their respective conferences. Seahawks are well-coached, have an impeccable defense and Russell Wilson continues to become healthier by the week.

Chiefs are the best team period. After seeing how they out we-don’t-give-a-f**k the Raiders on Thursday night this past week, I firmly believe they’ll run the table all the way to the conference championship game and may, may beat my Patriots to play for the Lombardi Trophy at Super Bowl LI.

For the wildcard teams, I don’t think the Buccaneers will keep on playing the way they have been; Falcons are 50/50, Ravens are a let’s wait and see how they finish; and the Texans are terrible, so no for them. Of the teams on the cusp at qualifying for a spot, the Redskins; Packers; and Steelers know how to heat up and make a run.

In a wildcard match-up, the Lions; Giants; Broncos; and Raiders are all so dangerous and shouldn’t be taken for granted by any team.


Not particularly football related, but as someone who studied journalism I always find anything having to do with media and the people in it absolutely fascinating. I’ve honestly never much liked Adam Schefter, but he certainly is good at what he does. Listening to how passionate he is about his job gave me a newfound respect for him.

Katie Nolan. What’s there to say about Miss. Nolan? She’s an innovator in sports coverage. Hearing her talk about the industry for an extended period of time shows exactly why she’s where she is and the reason people like her as much as they do.

Cowboys’s 10-time pro-bowl TE, Jason Witten, is an awesome listen. It’s a joy hearing a veteran of the NFL talk Xs and Os.

No wonder people close to him say once he decides to retire he should coach. When I heard him talking, I sure was at attention.

Albert Breer. Rich Eisen. Talking football and media. What more could anyone ask for?

Seahawks’s WR, Doug Baldwin, is one of the most articulate players in the NFL. I don’t necessarily agree with some of what he advocates for but I definitely respect him.

Much like with Albert Breer and Rich Eisen on the same podcast talking. Eisen, again. Peter King. Simply the best of the best.

I want to continue having at least one of something with a tie-in to college football. Penn State QB, Trace McSorley, is a player any player should want to strive toward emulating and is what coaches want in recruits. He led the Lions to quite the season and maybe should’ve been qualified for the college football playoff final four.


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