The Flat: Albert Breer answered a Twitter question of mine

A neat thing happened when I tweeted at Albert Breer, The MMQB senior writer and someone I listen to and read frequently, a question about the Raiders: he answered it on his podcast The MMQB Podcast with Albert Breer!

My question:

Breer’s shout out on Twitter:

His answer to my question on his podcast:

“I think it depends on their defense. One of the things I loved about Sunday night was they weren’t– it wasn’t like they were leaning too heavily on the quarterback. They ran the ball well, you saw the physical identity there. And it looked like the defense was starting to come, and it looks like we’re starting to see a little bit more from Khalil Mack; they got creative the way they used him. So much of it is going to come down to ‘okay, are they good enough at linebacker with guys like Perry Riley and are the corners between [D.J.] Hayden and [Sean] Smith and [David] Amerson, are they going to be good enough at the corner position.’ And so I think that’s what it’s going to boil down to for them.”

Other than my mini-interaction with Breer, I didn’t make enough time to write about anything NFL related; I’m working to remedy that and ASAP. However, as the title suggests, for now take a look at my week late mid-season awards, which is an improvement over how I put together the quarter-season ones. Open Field continues to grow because of you the reader.


Matt Ryan, QB, Falcons

Coach of the Year

Jack del Rio, Raiders

Offensive Rookie of the Year

Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Cowboys

Defensive Rookie of the Year

Joey Boss, LB, Chargers

Comeback Player of the Year

Jimmy Graham, TE, Seahawks

I’m giving more thought to most improved.


Center Stage: Alex Mack’s pivotal role in the Falcons’ potent offense (Greg A. Bedard, Sports Illustrated)

If you’re into the nitty gritty of football, The MMQB editor-in-chief Peter King’s discussion with Dean Blandino, NFL VP of Officiating, will make you nerd out as you listen. And if you’re like me at all and love politics just as much as sports, sometimes more so, than you should find the talk with Chuck Todd, NBC Political Director and host of Meet the Press, absolutely fascinating.

Skip to the 30:26 mark for the interview with Matt Ryan. His play on the field this season is deserving of the MVP award but, in my opinion, so is his “no ‘I’ in team” mindset.

Ben Roethlisberger is cool and all, but I’ve grown to respect Joe Buck a ton over the past couple years after disliking him for some time. This is but one example of why he’s someone to look up to.

Whenever Rich Eisen and King talk football, I listen in awe and admiration. These two are who I set the bar for myself in who I’d like to emulate.

Being able to listen to former Hall of Famers in Michael Strahan and Michael Irvin and a former pro-baller in Eric Davis talk football is a treat.


Week 10

  1. Patriots
  2. Cowboys
  3. Chiefs
  4. Raiders
  5. Falcons

Week 11

  1. Cowboys
  2. Patriots
  3. Chiefs
  4. Seahawks
  5. Raiders