UPDATED: I’m an iPhone user again

I tweeted out a poll, which can be seen below, a few days before I made my final decision. And I also asked a handful of iPhone user friends. Despite my poll only receiving four votes, my friends overwhelmingly without a thought immediately told me to switch back to Apple from Android. So, hence the title, that I did.

I decided to go with the iPhone 8 Plus in Space Grey. So far, I’ve been really impressed with how seamless, simple and swift everything is. The three Ss. (I had to.)

Its processor, iOS 11, Touch ID, iMessages, the camera, sound and video quality, battery life… are all top notch and stellar.

I’m not sure if I’ll write more about my experience with the phone but if it warrants it I’ll definitely do so. Twenty-four hours in. I’m not looking back for awhile.


My first smartphone was the iPhone 4S; I then had the 5. After that I was attracted by the new buzz of Android’s Samsung phones. I upgraded to the Note 4 and then the phone I have now the S7 Edge. The Edge is the best phone I’ve owned.

It’s been five years since I made the jump from Apple to Android. Question is… do I go back? I’ve gone back and forth in my mind for days now. May sound petty, but my only real hindrance keeping me from making the move is how much money I’ve put into Google Music.