I haven’t written anything since February 14, which ironically is Valentine’s Day. I say that because writing is a love and passion of mine. It genuinely bothers me that I’ve been so lazy and have made excuse after excuse as to why.

I’ve been busy.

I’m tired.

It can wait.

I need motivation.

All of those lines are of procrastination. And now into month two of no writing, well the streak to my own chagrin is finally over, it’s no longer about me putting off work. Now it’s even more desperate than that. My not writing is becoming a habit. 

It had gotten to the point where I’d Google “how to write after not doing it for an extended period of time,” “how to write more consistently,” etc., etc. I was searching for answers to something I already know how to do. That’s just it too. Just do it.

(Randomly tweeted the above GIF when I started to mentally return to a place of… write.)

Then came a moment of absolute clarity right in my face. I kept on looking for solution to a problem that I myself was exacerbating. It took a simple tweet from comic book writer Tom King.

He tweeted:

When I came across that, my immediate thought was… “Wow. An established, successful writer is going through something similar as I am.” I’ve had Twitter conversations before with Mr. King, so I messaged him and said, “I’ve been in what I’ve been calling writer’s limbo. I know how to write and can do it easy; the problem is motivation for me.”

His response is what’s prompted me to write about it and in turn return to what I do best and hold dear to my heart: writing.

Okay, so to my own point, I’m not established yet but I for sure have had success as a writer. That’s motivation enough. To Mr. King’s most pointed of points, he’s super right. I would’ve been there a year from today still wondering what’s going to push me to do something. Fuck… that! Nothing is. The only motivation you’ll ever need is to do what it is you want when you want. That’s it.

Going forward I’m going to stop thinking about what I should write and just write what I want to when the idea pops into my head. I filter myself way too much based off the thought of will people like this? The “J Effect isn’t for people, it’s for me and whoever actually likes to know what I think on anything that interests me.

No need for motivation. In my case, write. For everyone else, if there’s something you want to do; be better at; say… whatever. Stop thinking about, do it and care less about what other’s opinions are because the one that matters is your own. Whoever backs you will come in time.

What is it you’ve stopped yourself from doing? Leave a comment below or tweet me @werdynerdy.