Between the Base Paths: Dutchess to the rescue?

(Editor’s Note: Stats accurate as of April 12.)

Manhattan’s season has been okay.

At the start of the season, the pitching and overall depth of the team looked to be promising. Tom Cosgrove caught the attention of’s Eric Sorenson and “The ‘ J’ Effect.” The return of Mike Scarinci from last season’s Tommy John surgery recovery and Scott McClennan from a blood clot (2013), micro-fracture left knee surgery (2014) are a few examples of that.

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Between the Base Paths: Growing pains

The Lamar Cardinals’ sweep of the Manhattan Jaspers two weekends ago showed off Manhattan’s expected slow start.

For starters, they haven’t practiced outside since October and are now facing live pitching for the first time. So their early rusty play is understandable. Plus, it’s simply too early in the season to nitpick.

“(The series) was certainly productive, but the numbers wouldn’t tell you that,” Jim Duffy, Jaspers head coach, said. “All in all the numbers they look disappointing, but I kind of I like some of the things that I saw and, in the same vein, we have a lot of work to do. That was totally anticipated.”

The most productive part of the weekend at Lamar for Duffy was that everybody played. Right now, he wants his team to focus more on the process of play, body language, effort and execution as opposed to results. Results to him are meaningful, but don’t become important until MAAC play.

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Between the Base Paths: Pitching, pitching, pitching

The Manhattan Jaspers rebuild is over. Inexperience and injuries are replaced with experience, health, talent and depth.

Where the pitching is concerned they are impressive. It’s a staff comprised of young talent of the deepest and highest quality, and to no surprise. Jasper head coach, Jim Duffy, recruited heavily in pitching in the 2014 college baseball draft class. The top recruit, Tom Cosgrove, was projected to be a pitcher to watch in the MAAC by “The ‘J’ Effect” and last week.

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Between the Base Paths: Returning & new captains named

This is what Manhattan College Jaspers head coach, Jim Duffy, said late last season.

“It certainly [was] a rebuilding season. We’re retooling for the immediate future.”

When a team is in a rebuilding situation it can go one of two ways:

1. Start over with new personnel and tank. 2. Trust in the people already in place and hope for the best from in house talent. Duffy and his Jaspers decided on No. 2.

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