The Flat: Can the 2016 NFL season start already?

I’ve never been the biggest NFL fan. Please, don’t mistake me for thinking it’s not an enjoyable sport to watch, it is. It’s fast-paced. It can be brutal. (Rules changes over the years have made it a softer game than it used to be.) The story lines in-season and now in the off-season, mostly negative, keep the intrigue surrounding the league constant throughout the year.

Maybe that’s why more than ever I’m so stoked for the newest season to get underway. I’m a New England Patriots fan; I have been ever since they won Super Bowl XXXVIII, 32-29, against the Carolina Panthers. (That story is best left for another post.) So I follow the team’s goings on and watch as many of their games as I can.

I've been a Patriots fan since I was in the fourth grade. (Photo taken by Chip Griffin)
I’ve been a Patriots fan since I was in the fourth grade. (Photo taken by Chip Griffin)

However, as the 2016 season approaches I’ve found myself reading up on and learning more about a sport I really haven’t cared much for outside from my Tom Brady bias. Yes, I supported him, and still do, in the year-long plus Deflategate “scandal.”

I find myself interested in how the season will turnout for all the other teams in the league. I didn’t have much wondering why to do because I actually know why: reading “The MMQB” on a nearly daily basis.

The site is my go-to for anything dealing with the NFL and I’ve been urging my dad, who’s a die-hard New York Giants fan, to check it out. I extend that same sentiment to you who are taking the time to read this. Besides Peter King, the MMQB has added to its team for the upcoming season veteran writers Albert Breer and Tim Rohan. Jenny Vrentas is also someone to make sure mentioning, even though she isn’t new to the site; her work is always a must-read.

If you follow my me anywhere, you know I love to read and the MMQB is yet another worthwhile suggestion I’m more than happy to pass along.