My current editor, Jaden Daly, wrote the following mini-bio of me for his website A Daly Dose Of Hoops, and I’m posting it here because it’s one of the coolest things anyone has done for me.

I’ll be forever thankful to him. Thank you, Jaden.

Jonathan joined the Daly Dose Of Hoops staff in the fall of 2016, and will serve as the primary source of coverage for Wagner College and the Northeast Conference. In addition to his work on this site, he is also the editor-in-chief of his own website, The “J” Effect, as well as a columnist for His industry background is extensive, having served in the past as a breaking news intern at the Staten Island Advance and its website,, and also as a sports intern at the Riverdale Press.

A 2016 graduate of Manhattan College, Jonathan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications, with a concentration in journalism. During his time at the Riverdale institution, he wrote for Manhattan’s student newspaper; The Quadrangle, beginning as a staff writer before ultimately assuming the positions of senior writer, assistant editor; and ultimately, sports editor. His work for the Quadrangle earned him Manhattan’s Excellence in Journalism, Best Sports News Article, and Most Prolific awards, as well as nominations for eight similar awards in his four-year tenure. His in-depth profile on Steve Masiello, compiled in April 2016, still stands as one of the most comprehensive pieces written about the head coach since Masiello was hired by Manhattan in 2011.

A journalist I look up to immensely is Peter King, especially with the inconsistent column The Flat I do here at The “J” Effect, because his decades of work in the NFL is something every aspiring and active journalist should strive toward.

Below is tweet of four tips King listed for those of us trying to become sports writers specifically, but it’s worthwhile for anyone who writes in general.

An extension of that tweet is what King wrote about reading:

I don’t read nearly as much as I should. I’m like so many other people today: phone-addicted, drawn to Twitter as a news source and social-connecting device, fan of news channels. But I still love reading. If ever asked by young people for advice on how to get in the business, one of the things I always say is, Read. And not just the internet. Read books. We need to do more of it, I think. Thinking is good, as is losing ourselves in thoughts and books.

I still struggle to do these. In the wise words of Yoda…