13 Reasons Why: Tape 1, Side B

If you yourself or you personally know someone who is considering self-harm, ending their own life… whatever. It doesn’t matter go to 13reasonswhy.info for some resources on how and where to find help.

You’re not alone; no one is ever alone, never ever forget that.


13 Reasons Why: Tape 1, Side A

Intelligence. How do you judge someone’s IQ? Why do you call someone smart or dumb? How’d you come to that conclusion about them? I’ve always maintained that it’s all a matter of perspective. Along with it is how we make friends. We’re always taking notice of who’s around us and seeing who we most personalize best with, at least I do.

Attraction on different levels is involved too; we don’t usually socialize with people we’re not attracted to. Keep in mind, attraction isn’t solely based on the physical it’s also on the ideological. Another way to put is: we like to spend time with people who are agreeable with us. But it too is a good thing, healthy too, to be around those who are less so yes this and yes that to us.

All of these complicated psychological human behaviors we each go through naturally is what leads to having friends. In 13 Reasons Why episode two, these are the two things it addresses:

(1) Perspective

(2) Friendship

The first episode sets you up with the fact Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) is dead and she’s telling us the viewer through cassette tapes, and whoever else in the show’s world listening to them, why she committed suicide. Something the character Tony (Christian Navarro) makes clear to Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) is that it’s hard to not to want to believe every word someone who’s dead says. He tells him, “Don’t believe everything you hear.” Tony’s point is a good one because what Hannah goes through is from her point of view, again, her perspective. Clay’s mind is trying to grasp whether or not what she’s saying in the tapes are true or not. Some of it may be and some may not. It’s up to him and us to decide on whether we believe all of it, some of it or none of it.

That’s one of my favorite elements of the show. There’s no group of people siding with anyone; there’s no group think. No “Team Hannah.” No “Team Clay.” No “Team Tony.” I write this because the show isn’t promoting one side or another or multiple, it leaves it up to you. Each character seen on screen copes with Hannah’s suicide and the whys behind it vastly different, as we would in real life. We as human beings deal with things so foreign from one another. That’s what makes each of us so unique and special. It’s one of the reasons why I absolutely love this post from the 13 Reasons Why Twitter:

Share that with people you care about. It doesn’t hurt to spread love. Do it each day. No excuses.

I want to know why Hannah did what she did but I know it’ll only be the way I saw it. I want to discuss this show with other’s who are watching it because I know we all are listening to Hannah tell her story so different from each other.

What the second episode really dives deep on is Hannah’s friendship with Jessica and Alex. Hannah and Jessica are reluctantly made friends by the Liberty High counselor but it was a match. They saw things similiarly but as Hannah says, “Friendship. It’s complicated.” I think we can all agree with that statement.

Friends. They come into our lives and they leave. People change. People hurt us without realizing it. What’s worsened friendships, and relationships overall in today’s society, is social media, but that’s for a later post. Hannah and Jessica hurt each other by making decisions based on self-impulse and interest plus they’re in high school. Peer pressure runs rampant, and in 2017 it’s even harder to shut other people out. Look no further than Facebook, Twitter… you know them all. We’ll talk about that later.

The positive side of friendships that 13 Reasons Why highlights is how in our lowest, darkest, times of hurt moments in our lives all we need is someone; more specifically a friend. Family can be hard to communicate with sometimes because they know us so well but a friend can be an amazing souding board or just someone to listen to you. That’s all we ever need really is a solid listener. No judgements. Forget perspective. Elimate opinions. Avoid arguements. Just a person to vent to.

I know I ended last post the same but this show… this show is outstanding. I’m so glad I found it.

I texted a friend who’s also watching it that my life won’t be the same again after this. My perspective has changed on so much. 13 Reasons Why is a must-watch and my early pick for my TV show of the year.

*Removes Tape 1 and inserts Tape 2, Side A*

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