RIP Jose Fernandez & NFL week three power rankings

Late again… I’ve been trying to figure out whether posting my weekly power rankings would be best posted before Thursday night football or Sunday mornings. I’ll figure it out.

Before video and podcast of the week and rankings, I want to take the time to embed my tweets commenting on the way beyond horrific loss of 24-year-old Miami Marlins’s ace Jose Fernandez.

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Shawn Mendes, ‘Mercy’ & I

Shawn Mendes’s newly released music video for his song “Mercy,” which is currently my favorite jam, means a great deal to me personally. Watch it first and key in on the lyrics and the visuals. Then, continue to read on.

What do you think? Powerful, huh?

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NFL week two power rankings

I’m a bit late to posting my weekly NFL power rankings, anything for that matter on my website, because I’ve been writing extensively about “Star Wars Rebels” for “The GWW.” I have two posts over on their site from this week that I’d greatly appreciate you taking the time to reading:

One more note before this week’s power rankings. Each week to couple with the list, I’ll embed a YouTube video that talks about something, anything regarding the NFL that is of interest to me. In my last post, I shared one of Rich Eisen, host of “The Rich Eisen Show,” and Eric Davis, former NFL cornerback. And again I’ll be passing along another Eisen, Davis video, but this time former NFL linebacker, Willie McGinest, joins them for part of the interview. I’d eventually like for you the reader to share a video with me to include.

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Another first-ever: Season MVP & NFL week one power rankings

It all started with my anxious anticipation for the ’16 NFL season to finally kick-off, and oh boy did it ever. Let me just say that the game between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos, which the latter won 21-20 on a missed field goal by Panthers’s kicker Graham Gano, proved me right in being so stoked for football for the first time in, well, ever.

All of this has led to me writing my predictions for the season from the standings to the playoffs to the Super Bowl. And the plan in my head was that it’d satisfy me, not one bit. After watching Rich Eisen, host of “The Rich Eisen Show,” talk with former NFL cornerback, Eric Davis, about picks for the Super Bowl, choice for season MVP and the top five teams (aka power rankings) in the league right now; I had an itch to chime in myself.

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First-ever NFL season preview

When I first started blogging back in high-school, I’d always have posts with my predictions of how the upcoming MLB season would shape out, including mid and end of season awards. I enjoyed writing about that because baseball is my favorite sport, but for the first time I’m now going to do the same but for the NFL. I’m still trying to figure why, all of a sudden at 22, football has caught my attention outside from just my usual “I only follow the Patriots” mantra.

Over the past few months, I’ve read, listened to and watched any information I could get a hold of in order to learn about a game I was barely a fan of before this season. My No. 1 source throughout, and it’s one I’ll preach for any football fan to read, has been “The MMQB,”  which I try to read everyday. And the more I’ve dived into the Xs and Os of the NFL; the more I’ve fallen into really, really liking it. I don’t want to go as far as saying I love the sport until I’ve watched games other than the New England Patriots.

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Games, fun, performances at St. Clare’s annual feast

[Editor’s Note: Post originally appeared on, where I was a breaking news intern from Jan. to Aug. ’16.]

Despite Mother Nature providing Staten Island with a sweltering day, the St. Clare’s R.C. Church community in Great Kills came together through faith to mark its sixth-annual feast.

“It’s wonderful to see the community coming together — school and parish — even on such a hot day like today enjoying themselves and having a good time,” Theresa Signorile, St. Clare’s School principal, said.

“There’s a strong bond here, it runs through the school and the community,” she added. “The children are happy to see each other and their teachers.”

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